• Material Course by Dr. Azuma Anti-aging Materials to Prevent Oxidation and Glycation
  • Fermented soybean isoflavone
Let’s learn the characteristics of UNIFINE® first

What is UNIFINE®(Fermented soybean isoflavone)

  • Fermented material made by fermenting soybean isoflavone with Aspergillus saitoi.

  • Anti-aging material with antioxidation and antiglycation actions.

  • Patented (JP 5318339) Antiglycation composition and method for producing the same.

  • Patent pending〈An agent to prevent hair loss〉

※UNIFINE®(Fermented soybean isoflavone) contains fermented isoflavone.
Firstly, what are “oxidation” and “glycation”?
    • OxidationRusting of the body
    • Excessive generation of active oxygen causes the body to be degraded like a rusted metal, affecting the body and the skin adversely in various ways.
  • <Progression of aging>
    ◯protein oxidation ◯DNA damage ◯canceration ◯decrease of collagen ◯increase of melanin etc.
    • GlycationCharring of the body
    • Excessive sugar in the body binds with proteins to generate age acceleration substances, which degrade the body and turn it brownish in color, affecting the body and the skin adversely in various ways.
  • <Diseases caused by glycation>
    ◯diabetes ◯age-related macular degeneration ◯skin aging ◯Alzheimer’s disease ◯arteriosclerosis ◯osteoporosis etc.

Suppress “oxidation” and “glycation” for Anti-aging!

Lesson 1




One of the causes of oxidation is “active oxygen.” How much active oxygen can be removed by fermented isoflavone was investigated …

Compared to the non-fermented isoflavone, the fermented isoflavone showed an extremely higher antioxidation action.*UNIFINE® contains fermented isoflavone.


How much aging-causing substances generated by glycation can be suppressed was investigated …

Fermented isoflavone suppressed the generation of aging-causing substances 1800 times more than non-fermented isoflavone.

Effective for dieting


Mice were fed a high-fat diet for 6 weeks and a comparison was made between UNIFINE® intake and UNIFINE® non-intake …

  • Change of body weight
  • Change of total cholesterol
  • Change of triglyceride
UNIFINE in-take suppressed the increase of body weight, total cholesterol and triglyceride, showing a promising effectiveness for dieting.

Effects on hyperglycemia


Mice with type 2 diabetes were fed with a normal diet for 8 weeks and a comparison was made between UNIFINE® intake and UNIFINE® non-intake…

  • Change of blood sugar level
  • HbA1c
By suppressing the increase of the blood sugar level, the HbA1c level, which reflects the average blood sugar level for the past 1 – 2 months, returned to the normal range.
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Making Skin Beautiful


Nine subjects (male and female) ingested UNIFINE® for 16 weeks …

Carbonyl protein, causing the yellowish dullness of the skin, is reduced, showing promising effects for beautiful skin.
Analysis results were satisfactory for spots, wrinkles, and texture. The effects for beautiful skin was realized

Effective for hair growth〈suppresses hair loss〉


A comparison of changes between applying fermented isoflavone and not applying fermented isoflavone on skin exposed to glycation stress with AGEs …

  • Number of hairs lost
  • Improved cuticles
Fermented isoflavone was shown to suppress hair loss and is expected to improve the quality of hair. * UNIFINE® contains fermented isoflavone.

In closing, let’s try the review exercises for today’s lessons.

Please answer questions below “Yes” or “No”.


  • effective for Anti-aging through its antioxidant and antiglycation actions?
  • effective for dieting through suppressing the increase of body weight and triglyceride?
  • effective as measures for hyperglycemia by suppressing the increase of blood sugar levels?
  • shown to be effective for beautiful skin by improving yellowish dullness?
  • shown to improve the quality of hair in addition to reduce hair loss through antiglycation?
【Answers】 Q1:Yes Q2:Yes Q3:Yes Q4:Yes Q5:Yes