• Material Course by Teacher Hatsuko “Material Facilitating Beauty Care and Health beyond Placenta”
  • Product of rice bran and soy extract that is fermented with Natto bacteria
  • Lesson1 Making skin beautiful
  • Lesson2 Antioxidant effects
  • Lesson3 Improving circulation
  • Lesson4 Making skin beautiful
Let’s learn the characteristics of CELABIO®-F first.

What is CELABIO®-F?

A product of rice bran and soy extract that is fermented with Natto bacteria.

  • Rice bran and soy extract, which are loved by the Japanese people for a long time, are fermented with Natto bacteria. It is a luxurious extract made in the treasured lands of Japan.

  • It has excellent effects for beauty care and promoting health and also with much evidence.

  • Patented: ・Anti-fatigue composition(JP Patent No.5855375) ・Oral composition for beauty care and health(JP Patent No.6332941) ・Improving symptoms of general unidentified complaints in menopause(pending)

Lesson 1

Making skin beautiful


To keep skin beautiful, it is important for skin cells to always be vigorously active in order to produce collagens continuously.


8 subjects (male and female) ingested CELABIO®-F for 28 days …

Analysis of skin conditions before and after ingestion revealed the actual effects on skin beauty, such as spots and texture.
Lesson 2

Antioxidant effect


Reducing oxidative stress is important not only for beauty care but also for preventing lifestyle diseases and aging.

Ingesting CELABIO®-F revealed its antioxidant effects. It reduced blood 8-OHdG and carbonylated proteins, which are indicators for oxidative stress.
Lesson 3

Improving circulation


Nine subjects (male and female) ingested CELABIO®-F…

1 hour after ingestion, peripheral circulation was improved; after 1 week it was improved significantly. Improving blood circulation is expected to reduce edema and the feeling to cold and normalize blood pressure.

A hand was chilled in cold water for 10 minutes. Immediately after 10 minutes, the change of temperature of the hand was recorded.

Compared to not ingesting CELABIO®-F, the reduction of peripheral feeling to cold can be expected by ingesting
Summary of antioxidant effect and circulation improvement:
  • 1.Antioxidant effect
  • 2.Circulation improvement
  • With those two effects,

Detox effect to eliminate wastes in the body can be expected.

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Lesson 4

Effective for menopausal disorder and its symptoms


Detox is said to be good for unidentified complaints during menopause.13 female subjects with subjective symptoms of menopausal unidentified complaints ingested CELABIO®-F for 8 weeks…

Severity of menopausal unidentified complaints was reduced from severe to mild.
In addition, all disorders were improved to mild, but all symptoms of menopausal unidentified complaints were also improved, such as insomnia, neuralgia, depression, and arthralgia.

In closing,Let’s try the review exercises for today’s lessons.

Please answer questions below
“Yes” or “No”.


  • make skin beautiful, such as activating cells or improving spots, texture, etc.?
  • reduces oxidative stress with antioxidant effects?
  • improve edema, feeling of cold and normalize blood pressure by improving circulation?
  • improve severity of menopausal unidentified complaints from severe to mild, with improvement in all the symptoms such as hot flush, insomnia, arthralgia, etc.?
[Answers] Q1: Yes; Q2: Yes; Q3: Yes; Q4: Yes