• Material Course by Dr.Azuma “Deodorant Material Made from Lactic Acid Bacteria Fermentation”
  • Removing odor and improving intestinal flora
  • Lesson1 Reducing body odor
  • Lesson2 Reducing bad breath
  • Lesson3 Reducing stool odor
  • Lesson4 Intestinal regulating effect
Let’s learn the characteristics of SENSEPUR®

What is SENSEPUR®?

  • It is a natural material made from state-of-the-art biotechnological lactic acid bacteria fermentation of plants and grain.

  • By improving intestinal flora, it eliminates the causes of odors in sweat, in the body, and in stool.

  • It directly affects “bad breath,” such as garlic odor.

What is the cause of sweat odor and body odor?
It is an odor substance specified by the Ministry of the Environment called isovalerie acid.It is generated when:
  • 1.Sweating occurs;
  • 2.With continued sweaty condition;
  • 3.With irregular lifestyle.
In addition, isovaleric acid is a substance with so strong smell that a law, the Offensive Odor Control Law determines its control value.
The relationship between odor intensity and odor concentration of a specified substance

Reducing body odor


The concentration of isovaleric acid in the sweat of adult men in their 40’s after exercising was determined before and after the ingestion of SENSEPUR®

60 minutes after ingestion, the odor concentration of the specified substance (isovaleric acid) was reduced. It was found to reduce unpleasant sweat odor and body odor.

Reducing bad breath


The effects of SENSEPUR® on garlic odor was evaluated at 4 levels:

  • 1:No odor
  • 2:Slight odor
  • 3:Distinctive odor
  • 4:Powerful odor
Odor reduced
Adding SENSEPUR® to garlic changed the odor intensity from “4: Powerful odor” to “1: No odor”. SENSEPUR® was found to exert its reducing effects by acting directly on the odor substance.

Reducing stool odor


24 subjects (male and female) ingested SENSEPUR® for 2 weeks…

Odor reduced
Intensity and unpleasantness of stool odor were reduced. Statistically, it was a significant improvement.
Comments on the questionnaire from subjects:
  • Stool odor was reduced from Day 2 (female, 50’s)
  • Regular bowel movements attained (male, 20’s)
  • and more.
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Intestinal regulating effect


10 subjects (male and female) ingested SENSEPUR® for 28 days…

Ability to Stool Stool form Stool color Stool easily obtained
The ability to stool (difficulty to stool may cause constipation), stool form, and color were improved.

In closing,let’s review today’s lessons.

Please answer questions below
“Yes” or “No”.


  • reduce odor concentration of specified substances and unpleasant odors of sweat and the body?
  • directly affect odor components for removing effects?
  • reduce stool odor and unpleasantness?
  • easily stool and improve stool form and color?
[Answers] Q1: Yes; Q2: Yes; Q3: Yes; Q4: Yes