• Material Course by Teacher Hatsuko “Material for Dieting and Supporting Beautiful Skin”
  • Polyphenols from rose petal for beauty care
  • Lesson1 Effective for dieting/Degrading fat and their absorption qualities
  • Lesson2 Preventing skin from aging/Anti-aging
  • Lesson3 Increasing the elasticity of the skin Improving the strength, glow, and texture of the skin
  • Lesson4 Skin-lightening effect. Suppresses melanin production
  • Lesson5 Effects on allergies/Improving atopic dermatitis
Let’s learn the characteristics of ROSE CRYSTA®-70 first.

What is ROSE CRYSTA®-70 (Polyphenols from rose petal)

  • “100% Pure” natural material made from pure rose petal.

  • Extracted from 1,350 pieces of rose petalsand is condensed into 1g.※as dried petals

  • The concentration of polyphenols in rose petals are as high as 70%.

  • Patented (JP No. 4659378):Agent reducing melanin production and cosmetic materials, cosmetics, additives for food and beverages, food and beverage products, and bath salts containing the same.


Effective for dieting


Degrading fat

Key of ROSE CRYSTA®-70 fat degradation lies in genes.

■Change of genes in fatty acid degradation system

Degradation Power Strengthened!
It was found that genes involved in neutral fat degradation are increased and facilitate fat degradation.

Blocking fat absorption

Seven adults on a high-fat diet ingested ROSE CRYSTA®-70 during the same time…

Absorption blocked!
One-third of fat was not absorbed; it was found to block fat absorption.
Summary of effects on dieting:
      • Effect1

        Degrading fat

      • Effect2

        Blocking fat absorption

  • Support dieting with dual effects.

Anti-aging〈for beautiful skin〉


One of the causes of aged skin is combination of sugars and proteins inside the human body that degrade cells, etc., called “glycation”.

ROSE CRYSTA®-70 was found to reduce the aging of skin because it reduces glycation.

Increasing the elasticity of skin〈for beautiful skin〉


30 women that worry about skin sag ingested ROSE CRYSTA®-70 for 8 weeks.

Elasticity on cheek was increased with good fitness of skin.
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lesson 4

Skin-lightening effect


Melanin causes spots and makes your skin dull in color. The basic principal of skin-lightening is to prevent melanin production.

ROSE-CRYSTA®-70 inhibits tyrosine kinase involved in melanin synthesis. It is said to have a skin-lightening effect because it suppresses melanin production from the results of human tests.
Effects for beautiful skin are summarized as follows:
      • Preventing skin from aging. Anti-aging.
      • Increasing the elasticity of skin. Improving the strength, glow, and texture of the skin
      • Skin-lightening effect. Suppresses melanin production.
  • These 3 effects strongly support beautiful skin.

Effects on allergies〈improving atopic dermatitis〉


Effects on skin allergy(atopic dermatitis), a great enemy of beautiful skin, were investigated.

No additives!
In human subjects, trends were observed to decrease the average eosinophil count and LDH value, and reduce inflammation. It is expected that continued ingestion may improve symptoms of atopic dermatitis.

In closing,let’s try the review exercises for today’s lessons.

Please answer questions below
“Yes” or “No”.


  • be effective for dieting by dual effects of degrading fats and blocking fat absorption?
  • prevent the skin from aging because of reducing glycation?
  • increase the elasticity on the cheek to improve skin fitness?
  • Suppresses melanin production and has a skin-lightening effect?
  • reduce inflammation in order to improve atopic dermatitis?
[Answers] Q1: Yes; Q2: Yes; Q3: Yes; Q4: Yes; Q5: Yes;