• Material Course by Teacher Hatsuko Immunity Activation Material Containing LPS
  • A product fermented with acetic acid bacteria
Let’s learn the characteristics of IMMUNOL® first.

What is IMMUNOL®(A product fermented with acetic acid bacteria)

  • A material fermented with acetic acid bacteria extracted from fruits grown in Japan.

  • The active ingredient of IMMUNOL® is LPS, an immune vitamin.A featured ingredient on TV.

  • By increasing immunity, allergies are suppressed and beauty effects are promoted.

  • By combining it with lactic acid bacteria, a synergy effect is generated and the activation of macrophages in the body can be expected.

“LPS”, the immune vitamin contained in IMMUNOL® increases immunity.
LPS”, the immune vitamin contained in IMMUNOL®, activates the macrophages in the body, which attack and phagocytize viruses and wastes to increase immunity.
    • When immune vitamin “LPS” sends a signal to macrophages in the body …
    • Macrophages are activated to remove wastes and prevent pathogens from entering from the outside.
    • Immunity against viruses or ultraviolet increased!
Lesson 1

Increasing immunity


Activation of macrophages by IMMUNOL® was evaluated …

  • NO production
  • Phagocytic activity
Increases in NO production and phagocytic activity were determined. IMMUNOL® was found to increase immunity by activating macrophages.
Lesson 2

Effects on allergies


Effects on atopy

Changes in the inflamed areas due to allergic reactions and the number of eosinophils gathering in areas were evaluated …

Allergic reactions were significantly reduced. Delayed allergic reactions (after 72 hours and 120 hours) were also suppressed; IMMUNOL® may be effective for atopy.

Effects on hay fever

Seven subjects (male and female) with hay fever ingested IMMUNOL®

※The increase of IL12 activates the Th1 cells, one of the helper T cells that direct immune cells. The balance between the Th1/Th2 cells are maintained, keeping the immune system normal.

IL12 in the blood was determined to be significantly increased. IMMUNOL® holds promise to alleviate allergies, promoting health.

Effective for beautiful skin


Fibroblasts and hyaluronic acid are important for creating beautiful skin.

IMMUNOL® was found to increase fibroblast proliferation and hyaluronic acid production by activating macrophages, which may be effective for beautiful skin by promoting skin turnover.
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In closing,let’s try the review exercises for today’s lessons.

Please answer questions below “Yes” or “No”.


  • contain an immune vitamin LPS as its active ingredient?
  • increase immunity by activating macrophages?
  • alleviate allergies and be effective for atopy and hay fever?
  • exert beauty effects by promoting skin turnover?
【Answers】 Q1:Yes Q2:Yes Q3:Yes Q4:Yes